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I'm a white South African woman, of Meditterranean descent, who was raised by a mean single mother. As long as I can remember, I've tried to get away from her; to make my own life away from her scathing criticism, but I could never keep a job (I was too sensitive and angry), my relationships (almost always with older men) were always terrible, but eventually, I found my inner voice, and "It" told me to just trust my gut. My gut then took me on a roller coaster ride of hitch-hiking, homelessness, prostitution and motherhood, but eventually led me to my life-partner, who has somehow, over 7 years, rebuilt my self-esteem and is raising my children with me. I kept a journal throughout my adult life and now I'm going to share my stories with other South Africans, hoping that they might help them, somehow. -Mia Southafricanwhitegirl Valenti

Changed my blog address

I changed my blogs address and possibly lost all my followers. Fuck.